My Little Slice of Heaven

My Little Slice of Heaven

 I love springtime~ right now I am writing this while sitting in a zero gravity chair on the back patio, listening to the sounds of our neighborhood; Little A is asleep in her crib upstairs, and all is well with my world. 

Two weeks ago we had a third ARD meeting, to add language in support of A’s use of assistive technology in the classroom.  We also increased Little A’s inclusion time from 15 minutes to 35 minutes.  It is my hope that she will eventually be fully included in school, if that is appropriate for her. I just want for her what every parent wants for their children: Happiness.  Friendship. Love. 

Little A is doing very well using technology to communicate.  She uses Snap+Core on an iPad to tell me whether she is hungry or thirsty, if she wants to go outside, and to learn animals and the alphabet 🙂  It is widening her world and I LOVE watching how technology is helping her express language and expand her vocabulary.  Also, her father has discovered a Sock Puppet application which has provided us with hours of fun making puppet presentations for Little A. 

Only four more weeks until my Michigan family comes to visit.  I can’t wait for A to be reunited with her cousins and watch her splash around in a pool again!  We’ve got so many plans while they are here: the aquarium, the zoo, the arboretum, LegoLand, and anything else that strikes our fancy…including lots of pool time.  We might even get Chris to join us for some pool fun!

Mostly I’m just happy my family is returning.  They haven’t been back to Texas since 2010, and I think they are going to enjoy it much more this time.  Mostly because I’m not living in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dairy cows and not much else. I’m happier here in Prosper, mere minutes from shopping centers and fun times 🙂 

Little A saw her eye doctor on Monday, and he determined that her eyes have improved.  So much so that she does NOT need glasses and he will no longer need to see her every six months! This is fantastic news, mostly because I’m not sure how we would keep eyeglasses on her face. 

Her last day of school is tomorrow, and I will attend her end-of-year classroom party.  She only has seven classmates, and I’m hoping to discover the name of the little boy she’s taken a fancy to. I also want to say a proper goodbye to Little A’s teacher, as she will be teaching at a different school next year and A will have a brand new teacher.  I’m completely scared but mostly optimistic. 

Stopping here for now.  I will post some recent photos of Little A~ thank you for joining us on this Down Syndrome journey 🙂


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