Mistress of My Domain-Part 1

Mistress of My Domain-Part 1

     I meant to write this blog post back in July, before our family vacation to New Mexico; then I thought I’d write it a couple of days after we arrived in New Mexico; the week we came back home after our vacation turned out to be busier than I anticipated, so no blog post that week, either. So now here I am, typing what should have been written months ago…the milestones that Little A has reached, that she has worked so hard for.

It has been six weeks since we’ve used Little A’s g-tube.  She has eaten enough food and has drunk enough liquids (V8 juice and water) that we no longer need it!!! We never thought the day would come when she would no longer need her g-tube (it has certainly taken three long years!), but her GI doctor has agreed to remove it in April–provided she is gaining weight and continues to drink a minimum of 20 ounces of liquid each day until then.  We. Are. Ecstatic. Never give up hope, because just about the time that you do…miracles do happen 🙂

And speaking of miracles~~~~Little A has graduated from feeding therapy to speech therapy! Which also means she will be switching therapists.  Her new therapist is well-versed in the use of technology to assist children with their speech, and is working with our insurance to obtain an ipad and software to help Little A learn to talk. I am excited for her–she’ll finally have a way to communicate:-) 😉 Maybe now she won’t scream and hit and scratch out of frustration…

A is also scheduled for evaluations at a new place called Pediatrics Plus in
Frisco, Texas, for occupational therapy and physical therapy.  I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be a good thing for her.  She’s been in school for two weeks, and she’s only received physical therapy twice (OT and ST not at all).  I’m frustrated because her IEP says that she will receive OT and PT twice a week and ST once a week.  If this in not happening, I need to speak with her PPCD liaison.  Not really in a big hurry to do that, as it’s only September and I need her on my side!

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I was unprepared for how much public school costs.  It’s not “free”. Between supplies (a list of which I was given at the start of school), PTO membership, our contribution to her class party, paying for her participation in the schools’ Fun Run, and buying her a t-shirt for Spirit Week, we’ve spent $300.  And it’s only the first month!!!! Nobody warned me about this.  It certainly wasn’t like this when I was in elementary school. 

Today I spent an hour switching my Amazon Smile account to benefit Little A’s elementary school; I downloaded the Shoparoo app and selected her school as the recipient; I downloaded the Box Tops for Education Bonus app and selected her school as the recipient; I switched my Kroger Community Rewards recipient to her school; and I donated an extra $20 do her class party because there are only four other kids in her class.  I feel like maybe I need to open a savings account for her school expenses.  And volunteer to chair the Fundraising Committee to raise more money for the school so that parents won’t go broke trying to give their kids a public school education. 

In other news: I am twelve weeks away from graduating with a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University (FIRE UP CHIPS!).  I cannot believe that I am almost finished.  It’s been a long three years. Now I’m worried that I won’t find a job after graduation and will not be able to pay back my student loans.  The only debt I have is my student loans.  Anyone else in the same situation? I need to double my efforts to recruit customers for my skin care business~ the products we offer are truly wonderful! My skin has never looked so good, and it’s only been seven months.  If you’re curious about these products and would like more information, visit my business page

Thanks for catching up with us, and I vow to write another post soon 😉 



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